The leading SUV tire

Main grooves
Clear water from surface area in contact with the road to prevent aquaplaning

Three interlocked block lanes
Provide directional stability and quick steering response

Exclamation sipes
Break thin layering of water to prevent aquaplaning and maintain traction in wet weather conditions


The leading SUV tire for wet or dry conditions

Wet side pattern with multi grooves
Enable rapid water evacuation for improved wet handling and traction

Dry side pattern
Designed with larger blocks and double grooves to allow superior grip on dry surfaces

Balance center rib
Provides better handling stability on wet and dry conditions


A durable and economical choice for commercial vans

Two wide grooves
Combined with a smaller center groove rapidly clear water to prevent hydroplaning

Twin ribs and circumferential sipes
Provide on and off-road traction in dry and wet conditions while enhancing driving comfort

Notched shoulder blocks
Offer excellent cornering stability


Best for commercial vans

Zigzag circumferential grooves
Designed for stability under heavy loads on wet and dry road surfaces

Twin ribs with multi sipes
Allow superior braking and wear resistance under heavy load conditions

Rounded should blocks
Prevent damage caused by sharp stones or objects

Omikron H/T

Best for highway terrain

Three semi ribs with interlocked blocks
Maintain stability on the highway, offer driving comfort and a quiet ride

Four wide grooves
Drain water rapidly to prevent aquaplaning and enhance performance on wet surfaces

Wide tread with silica compound
Improves traction. Particularly effective in cold, wet environments

A/T 75/70

Best for all terrains

Combination of wide, dynamic block and straight, center block
Provide strong grip on road surfaces, create balance, and offer perfect handling on the highway

Multi sipes
Create low noise and enable driving comfort

Wide grooves
Easily clear mud on off-road environments and enable water clearance on the highway

Omikron A/T

Best for all terrains, on-off roads

Interlocked center and intermediate blocks
Combined with two sipes assure driving comfort on the highway

Block stepped edges and Z-shaped sipes
Enhance traction on off-road surfaces, provide excellent cornering, and prevent irregular wear

Two main grooves with notches
Effectively clear water from area of footprint to eliminate hydroplaning and maintain wet braking


Best for mud terrain

Unique tread blocks with wide center sipes
Increase off-road traction

Open scalloped hump tread
Offer superior tracking on off-road surfaces; situated between block slots to drain water rapidly, as well as throw away trapped rocks, mud and other foreign material

Deep tread design
Allows strong hold on ground surfaces and maintains grip on loose surfaces